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Development & Marketing Services

The 5th Element is designed for you, as the owner/executive/decision-maker, to plug us in where you may need or want a little (and sometimes, a lot) of affordable help. We can take an assignment directly from you privately, can collaborate with your existing internal staff to get a project done, and/or will gladly collaborate with your current outsourced marketing team as a teammate of theirs on a specific project or strategy. We can work in a project leadership role to bring in a different perspective to drive strategy or we can be brought in to just simply help to shoulder the load and perform our services for the sake of the project effort as prescribed by agreement. Regardless of how you plug us into the mix, we’ll always do our best to optimize the project and pride ourselves on delivering more than you bargained for; regardless of who may be the head coach on the project team.  


As owners of many businesses ourselves, we tend to want to focus on the critical aspects of your business and desire to create, manage, and implement plans and reports to ownership that truly meet the needs of the enterprise; but, You define the role that we play. If you have a current staff, we blend in well. If you outsource your marketing and want us to be a part of your mix, we make friends quickly and have an exceptionally humble servant-based approach to entering the fray. We see ourselves as an extension of YOU when you’re not in the room... and also when you are... and we govern ourselves accordingly with your stated goals in mind at all times.

We are ready, willing and able to jump in where you need us in any development initiative whether it be a new widget, and new service platform, strategic planning & development, a website development, creative or technical based writing, branding, marketing, sales, communications, advertising, PR or promotions. 


We are adding to our Marketing Services platform team regularly and the services that we can offer grows with our associations with others that specialize in specific disciplines. If you like our style and we can’t internally offer a specific service on this list that you are looking for, we will gladly seek out and retain others of the highest caliber to perform those specific functions for you on an outsourced basis under our direction. For us growth is ‘all about the PEOPLE (just like the 5th P) and as the right PEOPLE surface for us to partner with, our list of marketing-specific services will surely grow.


Today, we can perform or partner with others to help with:


  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Communications

  • Content Development (Creative & Technical Copy-Writing)

  • Market Research & Analysis

  • Financial Proformaes & Financial Impact Analysis

  • Branding (naming, slogans & taglines, logos, symbols & designs)

  • Creative Copy & Advertising Channel Strategy

  • Public Relations Copy

  • Website Design & Development (Wordpress, Wix, Go-Daddy)

  • Graphic Design Services

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Google AdWords PPC (Pay-per-click)

If you think we might be right for your challenge, please just confidentially reach out to us,

even after hours; conversations build bonds with us; not obligations...

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