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Over the last 15 years as inventor-owners in product and service development and manufacturing concerns, we have personally invented, designed, patented, engineered, developed, tested, certified & listed (UL Listings) and manufactured some of the most innovative new technologies, products and real estate developments out there. We also have many previous successes in the Commercial Real Estate, Big Pharma, Logistics, Insurance and Education arenas. We have accomplished great things as teams and as individuals under many challenging conditions, both, domestically and internationally and “know” how to sell in these environments. More importantly, perhaps, we understand what motivates great sales-PEOPLE in these arenas to actually do their jobs well. Funny, but in prior roles, we had to or would have either been fired or failed in our own companies, as they would have been shuttered as a result if we hadn't risen to the occasion(s). 

We get this; and can help.

Few good things come from the passage of time in Sales. Methodically building out successful distribution and sales channels for products and services to flow through easily isn’t easy. It takes time, shouldn't be an afterthought and needs to start well ahead of the first product coming off of the manufacturing line for new products hitting channels and long before the opening of the store or shop doors of the service company. It needs to be fully-integrated with your development plans and your marketing plans early; especially on the creative & promotional side of message development. Being prepared, armed and able to professionally pre-market and pre-sell, early, through you, your salespeople, Rep firms, your web presence doesn’t have to be expensive and can truly mean the difference between making it or failing early. That’s where The 5th can help; and we’ve done from scratch many times.


Defining “and understanding” your audience, including your subject matter experts like your Dealers, Re-Sellers, Reps, Agents and Salespeople, requires serious consideration and research as part and parcel to creating the platform and is doubly important when changing it mid-stream and/or repositioning a sales platform approach. We've done this with other businesses and understand the sensitivities that need to be addressed to do it without blowing up the division or, worse, losing your market-maker sales leaders. We’re also good at translating that research into meaningful calls to action in your audiences that can assist your sales leaders in leveraging their work daily. Being able to use these internal teams to creatively message into multiple channels with very different calls to action can be difficult to blend internally by the boss, and we have successfully built, re-built and managed these processes before.

We GET IT... Contact us confidentially


Since the early 80’s we have been heavily involved selling, leasing and directing sales and leasing teams in deals comprising, literally, millions upon millions of square feet of commercial development deals in thousands of real estate transactions and running and/or owning and directing some highly noteworthy and successful real estate brokerage, development, asset management and marketing companies designed to oversee and manage the people and processes surrounding the 100’s of billions of dollars invested in them. We have worked in over 150 markets across the US. and more than a handful of international jurisdictions. We have well-managed teams of 2 to over 100 handling everything from the initial pro-forma estimating to punch-outs and delivery of the space to tenants and, then, even the asset management thereafter. We have built some of the most effective real estate sales groups in the industry; we can do that for you too if selling, leasing, re-development, development, etc. is your game of choice.


Not unlike most businesses, Sales (and Leasing) in real estate is job #1 and is key to success. Even the best designed and best located commercial property is just a mortgaged boat-anchor unless its well marketed, leased and well sold in its area. The best service or product in the world doesn’t make money if it isn’t sold either. This takes the right message and the right PEOPLE to pull off. We are shoulders-deep in experience in creating, re-organizing and building teams that focus in the real estate space and know how to turn an average or under-performing asset or sales team into a profitable one and have done it on-the-fly and moving fast. We’ve bought, sold and mortgaged $millions in this industry, have been involved in thousands of retail, office and industrial tenant lease deals and have a lot to offer in this realm. Let us know, confidentially, if you might think we could lend a hand.

We GET IT... Contact us confidentially

Operations Management Consulting

In the hot-seat of ownership and stakeholdership in companies of all sizes, we've been faced with some daunting operational and financial challenges that we have overcome. We have founded, recruited and built amazing teams, directed and lead extreme corporate make-overs, in privately and publicly held companies, both young and old and large and small. We understand the nuances between the Board of Directors and the company at large and our honesty and servant-mentality has served us well in some of these situations. Our service in Founder, CEO, President, EVP, CFO, VP & Manager roles directing others (line and staff, alike) like the CFO, In-House & Outside Business, IP, Tax and other Counsel, Controllers & Accounting, Managers and and hundreds of outsourced 3rd Party teammates; like Dealers, Reps, Brokers, Contract Manufacturers, Engineers, NRTL's, Brokers, Consultants, Vendors & Suppliers, spread across nearly every part of the nation simultaneously provides us with an experience-borne savvy and a sincere empathy to help you address your particular challenge.


Our experiences in owning and running companies allows us to get involved, "objectively ‘and’ empathetically" to introduce a new way of going about old business or to revive and re-position a failing or struggling enterprise. Sometimes, just having another temporary set of eyes on the matters at hand can inexpensively bring a fresh or more realistic perspective to the needed change or renovation of old SOP’s and much of the human nature that crept into the operation while management wasn’t looking (or paying attention). And, fresh eyes, in a cursory review alone, could be a quick step in the right direction for the stakeholders when the company is effectively in triage. We believe that admitting that one has a problem is the first step to actually solving it; seeking outside help that can be objectively understanding in this process, in our opinion, is just plain smart.


If after cursory review, you deem that a full-blown plan is needed, we can take our assessment as a benchmark and, together, develop a stabilization plan leading directly to the evaluation of strategic and financial options. Ultimately, this all gets dialed into the development and implementation of your plan of action.  


These processes don’t have to be chaotic, painful or unnecessarily stressful. And while they can take a fair amount of time, when they’re efficiently planned and diligently executed, they can be done affordably.


If you have a challenge, reach out us confidentially; we would be honored to see if we can help.

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