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Professional Writing Services

A Creative, yet Technical Copy Focus

Creative & Technical Copywriting (Messaging)

Invariably, as you start down the path of inventing and developing your idea(s) and make your moves to get to launch to sell your new product, open your new shop or hang out your shingle to build your new practice, you’ll need to message to others that, generally speaking usually, know nothing about you, your company or your value proposition to them that just came to market and which is now vying for their patronage and loyalty. Well, who are those others (i.e., your audience)… how do you get to them with your message? and, What do you say to win their business? Your reception in the marketplace is up to you; and you can’t get out of having to communicate your existence, what you can do for them and why they should choose you (NOW!) over your competitors vying for that same sales dollar. Here's where we can inexpensively help:


  •   Assignment-Based Creative Writing: Creatively writing the message you want heard. The 5th is great at creating (writing) the creative messages (copy or content) for your marketing, advertising or other forms of marketing to create, establish, build and grow "your" brand. We can help you from logo creation all the way to and through creating unique messaging or campaigns to increase your brand awareness and persuade your audiences to take actions (like to buy your product or use your services).


  •   Assignment-Based Technical Writing: Simplifying the complex. That is, communicating complex information to those who need it, usually “in-the-field” to accomplish some task or goal. We can help you write things like Instruction Manuals, User Manuals, Installation Manuals and Videos, White Papers, Case Studies, Personnel Management Documentation & Manuals, and things like that. We’re the guys that can craft the deliverables to explain difficult concepts and/or technical details, often to nontechnical audiences, in a way that allows your targeted audience to understand and act. And we have a ton of experience in this area.

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