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Product, Service & Enterprise Developers

Who is The 5th Element Partners?


"Iron sharpens iron".

As a division of White Hat Development Co., "The Fifth", as we fondly call it, is a firm through which we can help clients benefit from what we know and do everyday in application for our own projects. We sharpen each other in the process when we serve others. In The 5th Element Partners we serve a select group of clients, to help them invent, innovate and develop their own ideas coupling their brain power with our team's rich backgrounds and extensive experience in product and service development, marketing, channel and platform sales development, manufacturing, creative & technical writing, structured finance and sales & operations management set-up and ongoing management. We like to say that "The 5th" is where we prove that by serving others, we serve a higher purpose through the effort and all blades are sharpened. 


We're owned by a group of professionals that use their experience, education, servant-leader mentality, and all the savvy that comes from that blend of ingredients, to assist others in an efficiently and affordably way to create and accomplish remarkable things for themselves.

The 5th Element is designed to be a plug-and-play assignment-based & outsourced tool for you to inexpensively plug into your development equation where needed. It is designed so that you can use The 5th to take your idea from a napkin sketch to a full blown implemented reality, develop an idea or a concept, create a plan and a creative or technical messaging piece, build a product, a service, or a campaign or platform to attack the markets and grow sales, build or rebuild your pricing structures and sales models, strategically re-align your sales team strategies or re-cast and freshen your enterprise approaches, among a few other competencies.



       We can help:

  • Create & Develop New Products & Services 

  • Create, Develop & Market 


  • Create & Write 


  • Create, Sell & Manage Growth 

        ​...and we always...


  • Create Collaboratively -In short, We Get Along Well With Others. We're patient, understanding, respectful and are eager to join in with your existing teams to lend a hand on a project "where you think best" and in the most efficient way for your team to manage. Because of our battle-tested background and high-level decision-making experiences in building several successful product developments & innovations, major real estate enterprises of all types and other highly-respected product & service based service companies with a heavy focus in the marketing, sales and operations disciplines, we’re exceptionally well-rounded and experienced in taking a napkin sketch of an idea and efficiently and affordably building out an entire enterprise around it to bring it to life and support its growth.

We can add the most value helping in these two core areas:

1. Developing New Innovations, Products and Services Development


2. Addressing Ongoing Enterprise Management Challenges


  • We try to keep things simple. -There are many out there that will try to convince you that bringing in a consultant is an expensive drawn out and technical process; it shouldn't be and it’s NOT with us. We understand that, whatever approach you take it needs to be affordable, and usually quick. It also needs to be simple. Long drawn out consulting agreement negotiations and a staff of people to manage them is not our style.


  • We’re NOT all things to all people and we're very transparent about it. -We’ll tell you where we think we can help and won’t take an assignment if we believe we can’t. You choose where we focus based on your specific needs, wants and thoughts on what you want to accomplish and your comfort with us helping you do it as you get to know us. If we believe that we’re unqualified for your specific task or that we don't think that we can actually add value to your development equation, we’ll tell you up front and, if you want us to, we will do our best to lead to someone who can actually help.


  • And, working with The 5th won’t cost you an arm and a leg. -We pride ourselves on understanding entrepreneurship and business-building and ownership and deeply respect how cleverly efficient one has to be to make things come together with limited resources. We know what it is like trying to bring a world-changing idea to the masses; and we understand it well. We know exactly what it means to have a tight budget when trying to bring in help and have priced our fees and hourly rates with that in mind. Relative to the type of expertise and experience you’ll be tapping, we're more than reasonable on our fees. As a small flexible group, typically, you work directly with our principals. If your P&L can’t justify us, we’ve even been known to take stock in the entrepreneur's business as payment because we believed so much in their mission, their genuine PEOPLE and their enterprise’s goals, objectives and overall business plan. When we want to help, we can get super creative creative for us both to enable that.

- We typically charge a reasonable hourly rate for our services to keep the lights on, but we understand that sometimes great ideas need a little help on the front end to get them up and running (we’ve been there too; many times) and we have the ability to structure deals that make sense to everyone involved.

In short; “We ‘GET IT’… we've lived it many times, and, as it relates to challenges, there's a good chance that we’ve seen and dealt with the issue at hand before. If you think we might be able to help, let us know, we'd be honored to make your acquaintance to explore your ideas together...


"The 5th has an impeccable knack for researching and understanding the development of your product and how to lay out a plan to position it to bring it to the forefront of the industry space."

Michael D. Martin
Owner & CEO, Silver for Life™

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